Kwaxsistalla & Myanilt Bert Crowfoot Photography copyright 2008

One of the most significant and influential indigenous cultural leaders of our time, Kwaxsistalla, Clan Chief Adam Dick, passed away peacefully on July 30, 2018. He was Ugwamey [clan chief] of the Qawadiliqalla Clan [Wolf Clan] of the Dzawataineuk Tribe of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation,  an internationally-recognized expert on the intricate cultural, spiritual, and ecological traditions of his people.

Kwaxsistalla (Clan Chief Adam Dick) and Myanilth (Dr. Daisy Sewid-Smith) were the Ninogaad Collective. Both received extensive gender based training in their youth and together conducted and worked on hundreds of potlatches, feasts and ceremonies for 67 years. In 1989 Chief George Shaughnessy and Kim Recalma-Clutesi joined the Ninogaad Collective. It was always Kwaxsistalla's dream to set up a structure to house and share his and Myanilth's vast knowledge for the generations to come.  He chose the name and the Board of Directors of the Ninogaad Knowledge Keepers Foundation before his passing and clearly laid out what was to be shared as public knowledge; as traditional ecological knowledge and as private family or private Clan knowledge. In memory of his amazing life, this living website is a small sampling of this work.

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