Donate to keep Kwaxsistalla's Teachings Alive...


The Ninogaad Knowledge Keepers Foundation was incorporated in 2018 to fund research and educational projects to keep Kwaxsistalla's teachings alive.

With your support we will:

  • Continue transcribing Kwaxsistalla's teachings that he shared in over a thousand hours of audio and video recordings

  • Continue translating the cultural and environmental teachings of Kwaxsistalla from Kwak'wala into other languages for the benefit of future generations

  • Continue transcribing and translating the songs and prayers of Kwaxsistalla to sustain cultural knowledge and practises

  • Continue to produce educational videos and other visual media to share Kwaxsistalla's teachings with students of all ages

  • Continue to create teaching guides for schools and other venues that are linked to these videos and other visual media

  • Continue to produce academic writings that appropriately share Kwaxsistalla's knowledge

  • Complete books of cultural and environmental teachings initiated under Kwaxsistalla's guidance

  • Formally archive Kwaxsistalla's collection of interviews, papers and other materials developed to record his knowledge gathered over last 3 decades 

We are  applying for Charitable Status under CRA and will update the website once this has been achieved.

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Ninogaad Knowledge Keepers Foundation